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Draco / ASND / with Katarina Pejovic

August 14, 2023 J.M. Hamade
a starnight dwell
Draco / ASND / with Katarina Pejovic
Show Notes

On this episode we are joined by scholar, researcher, and specialist in Balkan lore, Katarina Pejovic to discuss all things draconic through the constellation of that same name. From the manifestation of the dragon as dragon, as serpent, to the stars, and of course that ancient pole star who will one day rule again, we cover much length and breadth of the greater ophidian body. Katarina shares diverse oral lore from Serbia and the Balkans pertaining to the varieties of serpentine beings and their characteristics, relation to weather phenomena, agricultural cycles and of course so many juicy bits on witchcraft.

Katarina's Info:
Hadean Press 'Balkan Folk Magic Zmaj:
Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival Class Recordings:
As well as stay up on her many wonderful works to come!

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